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Mohammed Khalil

Mohammed Khalil

Ph.d. studerende
Overlæge Mohammed Khalil

Fødsler og kvindesygdomme, Kolding Sygehus

E-mail: Mohammed.Khalil@rsyd.dk



Ph.d. projekt

Investigating the most appropriate screening method for Group B Streptococcus colonization in order to provide a targeted prophylaxis for women at risk.


The early-onset neonatal infection with Group B streptococci (EOGBS) rate in some countries including Denmark is only 0.1-0.4/1,000 live births even though they have not implemented antepartum culture-based screening program. They still recommend risk based approach based on will-defined risk factors for EOGBS. However, debate about the most effective strategy for identifying candidates for IAP continues. The aim of this study was to find the best screening method for GBS colonization with the ultimate goal to provide a targeted prophylaxis for women at risk for 1) EOGBS and 2) preterm delivery (PTD); specifically we investigated 4 sets of objectives in 4 separate studies:

  1. To compare the performance of an antepartum culture based screening strategy and an intrapartum PCR assay for the prediction of intrapartum vaginal carriage of group B streptococci (GBS) in a Danish cohort. One strategy was based on an antepartum culture and the other on an intrapartum polymerase chain reaction (PCR). (Paper I)
  2. To assess the performance of a polymerase chain reaction – group B streptococci test (PCR-GBS test) – in deciding antibiotic prophylaxis in term laboring women. (Paper II)
  3. To evaluate how well GBS colony numbers in the urine antepartum at 35-37 weeks’ gestation predict the level of GBS-colonization of the vagina at birth. (Paper III)
  4. To investigate whether there is an association between GBS detected in urine culture during pregnancy and preterm delivery. (Paper IV).


1.12.2013 - 31.11.2017.

Projekt er forsvaret

31. august 2018


Jens Kjølseth Møller (main supervisor), Professor, MD, DMSC, Ph.D., Department of Clinical Microbiology
Lillebaelt Hospital, Vejle.


Niels Uldbjerg (co-supervisor), Professor, MD, DMSC, Ph.D., Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Aarhus University hospital, Skejby.

Publikationer og aktiviteter

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